The Ethics Commission kept in mind that public officials are forbidden from ” attempting or using to use their official positions to obtain a individual monetary advantage or avoid a personal monetary detriment, that would not have been offered but for holding the general public position.”

The commission report keeps in mind that extra examination will be required to ” identify whether Mr. Lindsey used means of access to county resources not offered to the public, whether the nature of Mr. Lindsey’s position affected county personnel’s responsiveness, or whether Mr. Lindsey directed county staff to hang around working on the matter.”

Further examination is likewise had to identify whether Lindsey might have had a conflict of interest when he initiated a lawsuit calling the homeowner and others.
Templeton asserted that Lindsey went to a number of county departments searching for possible illegalities at the home.
According to a report by the Government Ethics Commission, Mark Owenby and Michelle Page purchased the property in December 2016. The couple started developing a medical cannabis growing operation, including building a large greenhouse.